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What Differentiates Wells Education Advisor

Dr. Jill Wells, Founder and CEO

With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience as a teacher, curriculum specialist, principal, executive director, and new school developer, Jill understands the inherent complexity of finding the "just right" fit between children and high quality education programming. Jill's passion for lifelong learning and, as a parent, her personal experience with the Los Angeles school landscape has broadened her perspective on educating the whole child.


In Her Own Words 

As a seasoned education professional, I assumed that my daughter would thrive in a school focused on innovative instruction, with a similar pedagogy found in the schools I helped design and lead. Our neighborhood school, located within a district ranked in the top 10 school districts in California, was idyllic. With top notch educators, award winning art programs, and a multitude of resources, this school that we could walk to and eat lunch with our daughter was a dream come true. Unfortunately, the short school day meant that our daughter spent more time in after-school programs than in the classroom. Soon afterwards, we received notice that our daughter's name had been drawn in a lottery for a highly-sought after charter school known for a strong social-emotional program.  Although it seemed like a warm inclusive school community, this wasn’t an ideal match for our daughter whose special needs were slowly, but eventually identified.  As she became frustrated and disengaged, we also became disillusioned and fearful that we would not be able to help her regain her sense of confidence and curiosity. Over a period of three years and countless hours of research, advocacy, and hard work, we finally found a perfect school fit and resources for our daughter. Her current private school has been transformative and she no longer dreads getting up and going to school.

Finding the best academic and non-academic support for my daughter's needs was a labor of love. It became a call to action for me to advocate and empower other parents in their search for the ideal school community and resources tailored to their child.  



Doctorate of Educational Leadership, University of Southern California


Doctorate of Educational Leadership, University of Southern California
Master of Business Administration, University of Southern  California
Master of Education, Boston University
BS Political Science, Vanderbilt University
(WASC) Visiting Committee Member

"Jill is very knowledgeable about the private and public school landscape in Southern California. She helped me prioritize and make educational decisions based on our children's needs, and is passionate about setting students up for academic success."

There Is No One Size Fits All When It Comes To Learning


Schooling has changed over the past few decades, with more educational options than ever. Over one million children in Los Angeles attend nearly 2,000 schools. Navigating the myriad array of private, public - magnet and charter, and blended learning schools is challenging for any parent, regardless of background or resources. Every child deserves access to a high quality, differentiated education that ignites their passion for learning, increasing chances for success. 

My goal is to ensure that your family is equipped with the best possible resources to make a decision that will propel your child to success. I will help you identify the perfect match for your daughter or son's educational needs. I look at school fit from multiple lenses, which illuminate learning styles, student cognitive and social emotional development, instructional fit, curriculum tailored to interests, goals, etc.

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